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Kate Bush - The Sensual World LP

Kate Bush - The Sensual World LP

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1989's "The Sensual World" remains Kate Bush's most mature, entrancing album.

Expectations ran high for the long-awaited follow-up to her 1986 breakthrough "The Hounds of Love", and she met them with this sometimes breath-taking, often introspective work.

On songs like the erotic title track and the dramatic Love and Anger, Bush charts the many rhythms of relationships with a keen eye for detail and less frilly bluster than usual. Elsewhere, with the tense Between a Man and a Woman and the lush This Woman's Work she virtually lays the foundation for Tori Amos's future success.

Musically, Bush broadens her palette with the smart additions of Irish piper Davey Spillane, the trio Balkan singers Bulgarka and jazz bassist Eberhard Weber.


1. The Sensual World
2. Love and Anger
3. The Fog
4. Reaching Out
5. Heads We're Dancing
6. Deeper Understanding
7. Between a Man and a Woman
8. Never be Mine
9. Rocket's Tail
10. This Woman's Work

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 180g black vinyl, includes an inner of lyrics and credits.