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Faith No More - We Care A Lot 2LP

Faith No More - We Care A Lot 2LP

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1. We Care a Lot
2. The Jungle
3. Mark Bowen
4. Jim
5. Why Do You Bother
6. Greed
7. Pills for Breakfast
8. As the Worm Turns
9. Arabian Disco
10. New Beginnings
11. Greed (Original Demo)
12. Mark Bowen (Original Demo)
13. Arabian Disco (Original Demo)
14. Intro (Original Demo)
15. We Care a Lot (2016 Mix)
16. Pills for Breakfast (2016 Mix)
17. As the Worm Turns (2016 Mix)
18. The Jungle (Live at I-Beam SF, 1986)
19. New Beginnings (Live at I-Beam SF, 1986)

About this product: this is the deluxe edition reissue on 2x 180g vinyl with stereo sound, housed in gatefold packaging. Includes a CD version of the release.