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Jah Wobble & Family - Guanyin LP

Jah Wobble & Family - Guanyin LP

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This album is a sequel to 2008’s "Chinese Dub".

"I thought it was time that I worked with the family again... my wife Zi-Lan, and sons John and Charlie (Tianqi and GZ Tian, respectively). The last time we recorded together was on "Chinese Dub", back in 2008 which sold very well and this could be seen as a sequel to "Chinese Dub".

On this album Zi-Lan plays Chinese Harp, flute and sings, John (Tianqi) my eldest boy plays drums and percussion, keys and Chinese dulcimer and Charlie (GZ TIan), my younger son plays Chinese Violin and sings.

"Guanyin is the Great Female bodhisattva. ‘The Goddess of Mercy’. This album has a unique mix of Chinese and Western styles. I am back playing a Fender Precision, which is the type of bass that I first played, when I started playing in the 70s. It’s a real ‘Hi-Fi’ record. I wanted this record to have high production standards." - Jah Wobble, Feb 2021.


1. Guanyin
2. Dim Sum [feat. GZ Tian]
3. Wushu Demon
4. Yanquin Dub
5. Long Road [feat. Tianqi]
6. Guangzhou Funk
7. Xian
8. Trinidadian Chinese New Year
9. Dance of Yao
10. Dance of Yi

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '21 release on red vinyl. Limited pressing of 500 copies.