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Jodie Marie - The Answer LP [Signed]

Jodie Marie - The Answer LP [Signed]

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Jodie Marie was signed to Decca Records in 2010 and began writing songs with former Suede guitarist and producer Bernard Butler and singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt. Her debut album "Mountain Echo" (released in 2011 on the Verve imprint) was described by The Guardian as 'velvety and bittersweet’ and received much critical acclaim.

She since self-released her second album "Trouble in Mind" in 2015. Her sound was described by The Independent as 'having a light-blues and jazz-folk-edge recalling late-1960s singer-songwriters such as Carole King’.

Collaborating again with songwriter Ed Harcourt and Dan Smith (of the Noisettes), and produced by collaborator Owain Fleetwood Jenkins.

Includes the singles Carageen and This House (both been A-listed on BBC Radio Wales) and features songs written with Ed Harcourt and Dan Smith (Noisettes).


1. You Are My Life
2. Ain't No Doubt About It
3. Carageen
4. A Whole Lot of Loving
5. Curse the Day
6. Kiss These Tears Away
7. The Answer
8. Saving Grace
9. Hanging by a Sting
10. Don't Go Telling Me (That It's Over)
11. This House
12. You're Gonna Miss Me (When I'm Gone)

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl, each copy is signed by Jodie Marie.