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Jezz Woodroffe - Wonders Of The Underwater World LP

Jezz Woodroffe - Wonders Of The Underwater World LP

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Sublime electronic underwater score from 1981 by former member of Black Sabbath. Comes with unique blank seascape sleeve with sticker sheet to make your own underwater scene sleeve. How super fucking cool is that? The music is a sublime wash of underwater ambience, emotions and more.

It's a beautiful electronic score to a 1981 underwater film. Music was made by Jezz Woodroffe, who worked with Black Sabbath and decided to go out on his own musically. He has an exceptions studio full of incredible cutting edge tech at the time, such as a CS-80, so music of the score sounds like Vangelis. The original LP is exceptionally rare and to make this repress extra special Trunk decided to do a DIY sleeve where we have an empty seascape sleeve (designed by DJ Food using AI tech) and inside the LP sleeve is an A4 set of underwater stickers with fish, sharks, frogmen and a small sub, so you can make your own underwater seascape scene. Inspired by Action Transfers back in the 1970s.

Musically amazing, visually amazing too. A one-off pressing, if it does get repressed it won't have the stickers.

About this product: this reissue is pressed on black vinyl. Includes stickers to decorate the sleeve.