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Jamie T - Panic Prevention LP

Jamie T - Panic Prevention LP

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Jamie T's debut album "Panic Prevention" was originally released on the 29th of January 2007.

Wimbledon roughneck Jamie-T serves up an ace punky-reggae-folk debut album. 20 year old Jamie Treays' apprenticeship has included running club at the 12 Bar, busking in his local high street and making eruptive guerrilla raids with his Clash-like electric band.

In the tradition of self-made brits that stretches from Joe Strummer and Ian Dury, through Billy Bragg, up to Mike Skinner, Treays is a contemporary poet of the everyday. His songs feature an Iraq War veteran back from the front (Peacemaker) and binge-drinking lasses on the tear (Shelia).

He is a modern folk poet with a massive reggae influence that has made a clever and charismatic debut album.


1. Brand New Bass Guitar
2. Salvador
3. Calm Down Dearest
4. So Lonely was the Ballad
5. Back in the Game
6. Operation
7. Sheila
8. Pacemaker
9. Dry Off Your Cheeks
10. Ike & Tina
11. If You Got the Money
12. Alicia Quays

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 180g white marbled vinyl.