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Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II LP

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II LP

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "II" is the follow up to 2011's esteemed debut. Think Pink Floyd, the Family Stone, the Beatles and Soft Machine shaken up and pushed through Ruban's distorted rock'n'roll kaleidoscope.

"II" came to be during Ruban's long inhabitance of the perils intense touring often encapsulate. Themes of loneliness, love and despair surface on the record, giving listeners a special lens to life on the road.


1. From the Sun
2. Swim & Sleep (Like a Shark)
3. So Good at Being in Trouble
4. One at a Time
5. The Opposite of Afternoon
6. No Need for a Leader
7. Monki
8. Dawn
9. Faded in the Morning
10. Secret Xtians

About this product: this is the Love Record Stores '21 reissue on clear w/ white splatter vinyl.