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King Buzzo & Trevor Dunn - Gift Of Sacrifice CD/LP

King Buzzo & Trevor Dunn - Gift Of Sacrifice CD/LP

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Melvins hero King Buzzo has a new solo acoustic record called "Gift Of Sacrifice".

What makes this news even more exciting is that King Buzzo has recorded this with the fabulously talented bassist Trevor Dunn (Mr Bungle, Fantômas, Melvins Lite).

The addition of Trevor’s stand-up bass makes "Gift Of Sacrifice" a step up from King Buzzo’s last acoustic record, "This Machine Kills Artists". It gives the new record a haunted quality which drives the songs to a new level. Another new element is the addition of modular synth, which adds its own angular sounds to the acoustic guitar and bass.

This is an odd combination of sounds not heard before on an all-acoustic record.


1. Mental Vomit
2. Housing, Luxury, Energy
3. I'm Glad I Could Help Out
4. Delayed Clarity
5. Junkie Jesus
6. Science in Modern America
7. Bird Animal
8. Mock She
9. Acoustic Junkie

About this product: this is available in CD and LP formats.

The CD comes as a digipack.

The LP is pressed on standard black vinyl.