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Clint Mansell and Clint Walsh - Berlin LP

Clint Mansell and Clint Walsh - Berlin LP

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Clint Mansell and Clint Walsh’s reimagining of Lou Reed’s 1973 album "Berlin" as a tribute to Mansell’s late partner Heather who passed away in 2014.

Mansell is best known as the former lead singer of Pop Will Eat Itself and as a composer for films such as Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan.

Walsh is a multi-instrumentalist and founding member of Tweaker and is known for his work with Courtney Love, Gnarls Barkley and more.


1. Berlin
2. Lady Day
3. Men of Good Fortune
4. Caroline Says I
5. How Do You Think It Feels
6. Oh Jim
7. Caroline Says II
8. The Kids
9. The Bed
10. Sad Song

About this product: this is pressed on neon pink vinyl and housed in a deluxe sleeve with a spot varnish polaroid image. Includes a download code.