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audiobooks - Astro Tough CD/LP

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David Wrench and Evangeline Ling – aka audiobooks – threw absolutely everything at their 2018 debut album, "Now! (in a minute)", a hectic, head-spinning blast of freewheeling freak-pop genius. On its follow-up, "Astro Tough" via Heavenly Recordings, they’ve somehow found a way to ramp things up even further, concentrating their chaotic energy and inherent weirdness into a record that’s bigger, deeper and more powerful than even its predecessor.

“The first album was a photograph of the beginnings of the project, recorded without any overall plan,” Wrench explains. "Astro Tough is more scripted, but a script that still allowed for lots of improvised scenes. There was more intention behind the songs, and a lot more refining. We weren’t precious about everything being spontaneous and a first take, like on the first record, even though some of it ended up being that. We made a lot more material for this record, but chose the tracks that best worked together as an album.”

Multi-instrumentalist and super-producer Wrench is as comfortable unleashing monolithic psychedelic wig-outs and heavy dub-driven monsters as he is crafting irresistible synth-pop bangers. Writer, vocalist and visual artist Ling is as chameleonic as she is charismatic, able to jump from detachment to rawness to aggression to tenderness to hilarity to toe-curling awkwardness, sometimes within the same song.


1. The Doll
2. LaLaLa It's the Good Life
3. The English Manipulator
4. He Called Me Bambi
5. Blue Tits
6. First Move
7. Driven by Beef
8. Trouble in Business Class
9. Black Lipstick
10. Farmer

About this product: this releases is pressed on CD and LP formats.

The CD comes in a digisleeve with a 12-page booklet.

The LP is pressed on 'Eco Coloured' vinyl.