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Working Men's Club - Megamix 12"

Working Men's Club - Megamix 12"

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Working Men’s Club hotly anticipated, self-titled debut album was due to drop this June, now, for reasons obvious to most of us, it is due October. Looking at the blank space left by the postponement, 18-year-old wonderkid frontman Syd Minsky-Sargeant decided to utilise his free time, in lockdown, and capitalise on the creative momentum the band has garnered. The result is a 21-minute continuous "Megamix" that simultaneously acts as a taster and a condensed electronic reworking of parts of the album.

There’s something of a northern lineage that can be traced here too, in that the 12” band remixes were something of a mainstay of Manchester bands like New Order and A Certain Ratio, and in a similar spirit, WMC are a new young band pushing, and crossing, the boundaries of where guitar and electronic music can interlink and overlap.


1. Megamix

About this product: this is the August Record Store Day '20 release on 12" one-sided vinyl.