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Scalping - Flood Remixed 12"

Scalping - Flood Remixed 12"

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Scalping return with "Flood Remixed" - six remixes available on translucent vinyl.

It continues the band’s stellar trajectory. Over the past few years, they have become an unmissable live act and gained notoriety as one of the essential, electrifying new bands in the UK.

Scottish post-rock icons Mogwai step up to remix Cloud Burst. Stretching and expanding the track, creating new drum patterns, and continually ratcheting up the drama inherent in the original; a naturally sensational slab of post-rock. Fellow Bristolian, Hodge remixes Monolithium, a hybrid of hefty bass, tribal techno and sophisticated, polyrhythmic drum interplay.

The pre-eminent genius, multi-instrumentalist and composer Laurel Halo supplies a remix of Deadlock, a single originally released in 2020. Laurel’s slick addition of a tight 808 groove underneath the bombast subtly tweaks the atmosphere, creating a juxtaposition of futuristic club and rock with vintage electro. Tokyo-born, Beijing-raised, London-based producer and DJ object blue’s remix is a typically high-calibre experimental club cut, which puts the propulsive drum beat front-and-centre underneath an eery whispered vocal.

Empty Cascade, remixed by the rising producer Azu Tiwaline, leaves almost no elements of the original untouched, creating a blissful and complex dub percussive driven ecosphere almost unrecognisable from the source material. Aphex Twin favourites, AQXDM, deliver a raucous, rambunctious flip of the single Deadlock.

Packed full of blown-out breaks, maximalist bass shots, icy synths and cascading trance fragments; perfectly excavating the elemental rave substance at the core of Scalping’s music.


1. Monolithium (Hodge Remix)
2. Deadlock (Laurel Halo Remix)
3. The Perimeter (object blue Remix)
4. Empty Cascade (Azu Tiwaline Remix)
5. Deadlock (AQXDM Remix)
6. Cloudburst (Mogwai Remix)

About this product: this is pressed on 12" translucent vinyl.