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Scalping - Flood EP

Scalping - Flood EP

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Scalping have quickly established themselves amongst the UK’s most sensational acts, drip-feeding explosive shots of techno, punk and hardcore into the world and igniting venues and festivals across UK and Europe with a precise, unrelenting energy.

The "Flood" EP is a major milestone for the band and is the first proper holistic realisation of Scalping’s stylistic breadth and mastery of a unique boundary-blurring approach, along with a developed sense of the total control exerted over their music at all times. Flood is undoubtedly the sound of a band seizing and maximising a singular vision.

Monolithium brings a pulverising gyrating intensity that unstoppably grinds through the gears to a riotous peak. The pneumatic crushing weight of The Perimeter is constantly cranked up, increasing in volume, depth and power eventually forcing out a trance-metal hybrid gemstone, once again displaying Scalping’s remarkable ability to forge anything they choose to from whatever they feel like.

Cloudburst’s throbbing acid synth line provides a more straightforward dancefloor orientated sound whilst still maintaining dizzying energy and ruthless propulsion. Empty Cascade is an epic mission statement, a perfect combination of rave fundamentals and straight up system blowing sludge that could legitimately only be pulled off by Scalping.


1. Monolithium
2. The Perimeter
3. Cloudburst
4. Empty Cascade

About this product: this is pressed 12" 140g translucent violet vinyl.