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Sophia Loizou - Untold 2LP

Sophia Loizou - Untold 2LP

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"Untold" is an experimental electronic LP from multi-disciplinary artist and author Sophia Loizou.

Depicting a series of speculative sonic landscapes; animals, ocean waves and weather systems are abstracted into eco-centric cyber-dreams creating powerful ambient compositions that invite us to see the Earth through the eyes of other.  "Untold" is not about the natural or the technological but the relationships between the two; sonic textures, breaks and melodies are shaped by the dynamics of a lion’s roar or the rhythm of a dolphin’s echolocation emissions. “I didn’t want to make it human-centric,” explains Sophia. “I wanted to remove my compositional and structural domination, to find ways to make it about the symbiosis of systems I see in the world.”

"Untold" is part of a much bigger multi-disciplinary project that also includes a collection of poems with accompanying audio, artworks, an AV show and a lecture performance.


1. Anima
2. Celestial Web
3. Vestal Waters
4. Inner Dreams
5. Fluxes
6. Hypnotik
7. Sylphonia
8. Bicameral
9. Apeiros

About this product: this is pressed on 2x blue vinyl house in gatefold sleeve, comes with a WAV download card. Limited to 300 copies.