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Love - Everybody's Gotta Live EP

Love - Everybody's Gotta Live EP

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Love, led by the brilliant and complicated Arthur Lee, are considered one of the most influential American rock bands of all time.

The 2015 reissue of their album "Reel to Real" featured the band at the height of their rock/soul powers, and featured twelve previously-unreleased outtakes from the original sessions. This special release features five of those tracks on vinyl for the first time, including three original Lee compositions that were virtually unknown before the 2015 reissue: the sweet and soulful You Gotta Feel It, a catchy rock-pop tune called I Gotta Remember, and Do It Yourself, a blast of high-energy funk driven by Lee's strutting vocals.

The EP also includes the original version of Everybody's Gotta Live (recently featured in the film Jojo Rabbit and covered on Mac Miller's posthumous album "Circles") as well as a full-band performance of that song and an alternate take of Singing Cowboy.


1. Everybody’s Gotta Live (Album Version)
2. You Gotta Feel It (Outtake)
3. I Gotta Remember (Outtake)
4. Do It Yourself (Outtake)
5. Singing Cowboy (Alternate Take)
6. Everybody’s Gotta Live (Electric Version)

About this product: this is the Record Store Day release on 12" black vinyl.