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The Scruffs - Wanna' Meet The Scruffs? LP

The Scruffs - Wanna' Meet The Scruffs? LP

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1. Break the Ice
2. My Mind
3. You're No Fun
4. Frozen Girls
5. I've Got a Way
6. Tragedy
7. This Thursday
8. Revenge
9. She Say Yea
10. Tommy Gun
11. Sad Cafe
12. I'm a Failure
13. Bedtime Stories

About this product: this is a secondhand record, 1977 pressing, US import.

The vinyl is in superb condition with no real marks.

Sleeve is generally in excellent condition but has some ringwear and a tear in the outer paper along the bottom edge (not gone through) and few bits where the outer paper has rubbed through on rear bottom corner.