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Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence EP

Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence EP

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This is the second release in a trilogy by Nine Inch Nail, inbetween the predecessor "Not The Actual Events" EP and the full-length "Bad Witch".

Here, you get a sort of mesh between the "With_Teeth" and "Hesitation Marks" eras of the bands sound, where each can flash within a certain instrument in each track. As the titles might suggest, this is a more sombre ordeal than the previous EP, and lays on huge walls of sound that come from a singular place, rather than a full band feel.


1. Less Than
2. The Lovers
3. This Isn't the Place
4. Not Anymore
5. The Background World

About this product: this includes a download code, once you download the files to your computer the title of the folder is 'Use Violence' instead of "Add Violence".