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Flat Worms - The Guest / Circle 7"

Flat Worms - The Guest / Circle 7"

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These two tracks charge forth in perfect accord with the increased speed of the format. Culled from their sessions at Electrical Audio for the just-released Antarctica, this is the upper-cut to follow the album’s gut-punch.

The dance called The Guest is a bit like The Twist but with more writhing involved, there’s horror there so it’s earned writhing on your part. For this song, Flat Worms take a Devo-esque view, looking passively upon the actions of the real people.

Circle belongs to that tradition of 45 tracks that may or may not allude to the 45 itself. 'Find the circle / Find the center' might serve as both timely polemic and shameless self-promotion, or maybe not. One thing that’s not ambiguous is the acid-glazed lead guitar that hovers like a neon apparition above the thrashing rhythm section.

Antarctica was a life sentence. This double-A-side 45 is the emphatic exclamation point that follows.


1. The Guest
2. Circle

About this product: this is on 7" black vinyl.