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The Vaselines / Pooh Sticks - Dying For It Split 7"

The Vaselines / Pooh Sticks - Dying For It Split 7"

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The Vaselines sing The Vaselines and The Pooh Sticks do too!

This 7" split ties the Glass Redux RSD reissue of the Vaselines "Dum Dum" LP in 2018 and the 2019 Glass Modern reissue of The Pooh Sticks "The Great White Wonder"; making Pooh Sticks/Fierce Records Svengali Steve Gregory's dream of a split single come true, 30 years later.

The Vaselines lewd but naïve and abrasive yet tender, primitivist squall remains a perfect distillation of pop at its most guileless and euphoric (which as everybody knows inspired Nirvana), meets The Pooh Sticks postmodern cultural criticism, retro-irony, slavish imitation, and power pop manna - as high concept as it was lowbrow.


1. Dying For It [The Vaselines]
2. Dying For It [The Pooh Sticks, The Vaselines cover]

About this product: this is the August Record Store Day '20 split on either purple or green 7" vinyl.