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Membranes - Kiss Ass, Godhead! LP

Membranes - Kiss Ass, Godhead! LP

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This is the 30th Anniversary Edition of the 1989 Glass LP, recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago & Leeds, it's a screeching and wailing chunk of strumming and shouting. His first 'production' outside of Big Black, file under Punk Fucking Rock.


1. Love Your Puppy
2. Tatty Seaside Town
3. Viva! Spanish Turncoat
4. Bulbous Love Child
5. Electric Storm
6. Fuck My Old Boots (Robo Cop and Seacombe)
7. John Robb's 91st Nightmare
8. Long Live the Hooligan!
9. Punk Out Baby
10. Corn Dolly Fear
11. (The World Acclaims...) Eternal Protein Man
12 Bacon Factory
13. Let's Take the Death Trip
14. Cheap Male Aggression
15. Cor Blimey! Ain't England Snidey

About this product: this is the 30th Anniversary Edition released on the August Record Store Day '20, pressed on pink vinyl, limited to 500 copies.