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Gazelle Twin & NYX - Deep England LP

Gazelle Twin & NYX - Deep England LP

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Gazelle Twin and NYX, the electronic drone choir release their debut release, "Deep England", an 8-track album via NYX Collective Records.

Rooted in English pagan and sacred music, "Deep England" is an electronic-choral expansion of Gazelle Twin’s 2018 album "Pastoral". Here, tracks from "Pastoral", an album whose political themes have only intensified since its original release, are radically reworked and presented alongside original compositions by NYX, Paul Giovanni and William Blake.

Gazelle Twin (aka Elizabeth Bernholz) and NYX, the electronic drone choir reshaping the role of the traditional female choir, originally created "Deep England" for live performance with Movement Director Imogen Knight, Sound Associate Peter Rice and Designer Chloe Lamford.

"Deep England" was transferred to the studio soon after, and the resulting album shows a powerful and often dreamlike Jarman-esque depiction of a country divided by its many selves. The performers are Adélaïde Pratoussy, Cecilia Forssberg, Elizabeth Bernholz, Natalie Sharp, Ruth Corey, Shireen Qureshi and Sian O’Gorman.

The album was co-produced by Marta Salogni, Sian O’Gorman (NYX) and Elizabeth Bernholz (Gazelle Twin) with mix and additional programming by Marta Salogni, and mastering by Heba Kadry.


1. Glory
2. Folly
3. Fire Leap
4. Better in My Day
5. Throne
6. Jerusalem
7. Deep England
8. Golden Dawn

About this product: this is the limited edition pressing on translucent green vinyl,