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Groove Armada ‎- Black Light CD

Groove Armada ‎- Black Light CD

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1. Look Me in the Eye Sister [feat. Jess Larrabee]
2. Fall Silent [feat. Nick Littlemore]
3. Just for Tonight [feat. Jess Larrabee]
4. Not Forgotten [feat. Nick Littlemore]
5. I Won't Kneel [feat. Saint Saviour]
6. Cards to Your Heart [feat. Nick Littlemore]
7. Paper Romance [feat. Fenech-Soler and Saint Saviour]
8. Warsaw [feat. Nick Littlemore]
9. Shameless [feat. Bryan Ferry]
10. Time & Space [feat. Kess Larrabee and Saint Saviour]
11. History [feat. Will Young]

About this product: this comes in a gatefold card sleeve.