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SAULT's debut album. The incredibly elusive band Sault released the album "5" via the independent record label Forever Living Originals.

The record fuses African, soul, funk and post-punk vibes amongst other flavours. With support from Radio 6's Lauren Laverne and USA's KWRC and KEXP, the band are set to go from strength to strength after they became one of the most prolific bands of 2020, with a barrage of material up their sleeves.


1. Up All Night
2. Don’t Waste My Time
3. Foot on Necks
4. Why Why Why Why Why
5. Pink Sands
6. Let Me Go
7. Masterpiece
8. Add a Little Bit of SAULT
9. Something’s in the Air
10. Think About It
11. Wild Hundreds, Pt. 5
12. We Are the Sun
13. Wild Hundreds, Pt. 55
14. B.A.B.E.

About this product: this is available on CD and LP formats.