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Bruno Spoerri - Der Würger vom Tower LP

Bruno Spoerri - Der Würger vom Tower LP

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Cult jazz soundtrack to supernatural Soho strangler epic "Der Wurger Vom Tower" by Swiss electronic pioneer Bruno Spoerri that has been locked away since 1966.

Translated as ‘The Strangler In The Tower’, this lesser-known thriller possibly stretched the imaginations of cinematic crime buffs beyond the genre’s parameters before disappearing into obscurity.

Liberated from Bruno Spoerri’s meticulous master tape vault this, his first-ever feature-length soundtrack commission, can finally take its place alongside other recently resuscitated oblique jazz scores by the likes of Basil Kirchin, Krzysztof Komeda (Cul-De-Sac), Roger Webb and Jonny Scott.

The real sacred jewel in Bruno Spoerri’s crown as the leader and pioneer of Switzerland’s electronic underground (not to mention sample source amongst rap royalty) and a mysterious monarchical figure in European jazz and music technology.


1. Der Würger vom Tower (Big Ben's Little Secret)
2. Der Würger vom Tower (Oxfords on Oxford Street)
3. Staircase Strangler / Headlines for Harry
4. Don't Blame Jane
5. Regent Jewellers (A Few Questions for Mr. Clifton)
6. Robbery in Robes
7. Jane Flees (Jazz Chase)
8. Kidnapped
9. Crashed Jag / Raymond's Revuebar / Scotch & Pancakes
10. There's a Devious Religious Sect Underneath the Tower of London (Jane's in Chains)
11. To the Brothers of Compensatory Righteousness, Holy Root Give Us a Sign
12. Brogues in Robes
13. Kiddie's Beat (More Tea Vicar / Something Stronger)
14. Reading the Killer
15. The Strangler in the Tower / Kiddie and Company
16. Flashlight / The Whole Finger
17. Spiral Staircase (Jazz Chase)
18. Inspiral Staircase (Jazz Chase Rock Version)
19. Check Out the Gravel Pit (Parkstrasse Percussions)
20. Plane to Peru (Parvati Smaragd)

About this product: this reissue is pressed on black vinyl.