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The Near Jazz Experience - Nought To 60 LP

The Near Jazz Experience - Nought To 60 LP

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"Nought To 60" is a vinyl mini-album featuring a long, live take on one side and three tracks previously only available digitally on the other. The title track appears in its entirety for the first time without the radio fade.

Recorded before and between lockdowns - like all RSD releases in 2021 - this album is a taste of things to come. The Near Jazz Experience is used to working quickly, getting things out. These recordings are fresh and ready to be heard.

Five Years was in the NJE canon for a while before being recorded. It received a ‘soft’ digital release this January in honour of Bowie’s passing five years before. It is introspective and thought provoking, as the occasion deserves, sitting well with the band’s more trademark avant-jazz sounds, a direction that "Blackstar" was going in.

Dive into "Nought To 60" for a journey into chilled grooves, Ethiopian-inspired jazz and Motorik beats - all Near Jazz Experience originals.

The NJE logo on the album cover was commissioned from graphic designer Dave Towers, known for his work with The Charlatans among many others.

This is a 12” mini-album on black vinyl with download code in a full-colour sleeve, strictly limited to 500 copies.