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Television Personalities - Another Kind Of Trip 2LP

Television Personalities - Another Kind Of Trip 2LP

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Double album capturing the Television Personalities live, with the classic line up of Daniel Treacy, Jowe Head and Jeff Bloom. 21 tracks featuring unreleased versions and a song that never made it to the studio.

A side apiece from the Thames Poly in 1985, East Berlin in ’89, New York in ’92 and Bremen in ’93. Includes stellar versions of How I Learned to Love the Bomb, Salvador Dali’s Garden Party, My Very First Nervous Breakdown and Hard Luck Story #39.

The download code includes seven tracks from the intimate and exclusive - and hungover - Kim’s Underground Show in New York including a brooding Part Time Punks.

Remastered from the original tapes with extensive sleeve notes and input from Jowe and Jeff.