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Jane Weaver - Loops In The Secret Society 2LP

Jane Weaver - Loops In The Secret Society 2LP

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1. Elements (Loops Variation)
2. Milk Loop
3. Arrows (Loops Variation)
4. Found Birds
5. H>A>K (Loops Variation)
6. Did You See Butterflies (Loops Variation)
7. Sun House
8. I Wish (Loops Variation)
9. Mission Desire (Loops Variation)
10. Battle Ropes
11. Found Birds (Loops Variation)
12. Slow Motion (Loops Variation)
13. Margins
14. Cells (Loops Variation)
15. Code (Loops Variation)
16. Signs are Rising
17. Ravenspoint (Loops Variation)
18. Sous Le Même Soleil, Vie Disparu Dans Le Ciel (Loops Variation)
19. Majik Milk (Loops Variation)
20. Conduit
21. Ivana Vessel
22. Battle Ropes

About this product: this is the limited edition pressing on 2x pink vinyl, includes a download code.