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dawn-Song - for Morgan CD/LP

dawn-Song - for Morgan CD/LP

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"I made an album of my songs with some wonderful collaborators over the last couple of years. When I’m gone I wanted to continue to be able to sing for my son Morgan if he needed me. My father published a small book of poetry before he died and if I’m missing him a lot I read a bit of it and I feel reconnected. I also wanted to make something my mother could enjoy. So the record is for Morgan" - Nick Evans


1. Dark Sun
2. Holy Rain
3. She Has Spoken
4. Heartbeats of My Son
5. Darker Shade of Love
6. Her Majesty
7. Song of Songs
8. A Blessing and a Curse
9. Prayer to Fire
10. Cloud Canopy
11. Maitri

About this product: this is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP comes with a lyric sheet and is a limited pressing of 100 copies.