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Eels - Extreme Witchcraft CD/LP/DLX 2LP

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Eels leader Mark Oliver Everett, aka E, co-produced the record with PJ Harvey producer and guitarist John Parish, marking the first time the two have recorded together since 2001’s Souljacker album.

Eels have had one of the most consistently acclaimed careers in music. The ever-changing project of principal singer / songwriter E (Mark Oliver Everett), Eels have released 13 studio albums since their 1996 debut, "Beautiful Freak". In 2008, E published his highly acclaimed book Things the Grandchildren Should Know and starred in the award-winning Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives documentary about the search to understand his quantum physicist father, Hugh Everett III.

2020’s "Earth to Dora" album, received extensive critical praise, and was described as “their sweetest natured album ever” by The Independent and awarded four stars in Mojo and NME. eels now release their fourteenth studio album "Extreme Witchcraft" via PIAS and the band’s own E Works Records.


1. Amateur Hour
2. Good Night on Earth
3. Strawberries & Popcorn
4. Steam Engine
5. Grandfather Clock Strikes Twelve
6. Stumbling Bee
7. The Magic
8. Better Living Through Desperation
9. So Anyway
10. What It Isn't
11. Learning While I Lose
12. I Know You're Right

About this product: this release is available on CD, LP and DLX 2LP formats.

The LP is pressed on 180g translucent yellow vinyl, plays at 45rpm. Includes a download code.

The DLX 2LP is pressed on 180g translucent pink vinyl, housed in heavy cardboard packaging with a lenticular print of Sleeve.comes in a boxset that includes a CD and ouija board,. Plays at 45rpm.