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El Goodo - Coyote LP

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El Goodo's second harmony-drenched album at last gets a physical release.

Based in South Wales, the band recorded "Coyote" in their own studio before going on to mix it with Cian Ciaran from Super Furry Animals at the controls.

Indeed El Goodo (named after the classic Big Star tune) first came to the public's attention when SFA released their self-titled debut on the Placid Casual label. Highlights from the album include the single I Saw Her Today with its swirling keyboards, galloping rhythms, mariachi horns and frequent nods to Morricone; and the baroque pop of Don't Worry Marie, a short and sweet combination of Left Banke hooks and Teenage Fanclub melodies.

Throughout the album there are further signs of influences from the Beach Boys to West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and Love all recorded with a zeal only recently achieved by the Coral.


1. Feel So Fine
2. Aren't You Grand
3. Don't Worry Marie
4. I Saw Her Today
5. Information Overload
6. Talking to the Birds
7. Pete
8. I Can't Make It
9. Be My Girl
10. Oh to Sleep
11. I Only Dream

About this product: this release is pressed on recycled vinyl (ecomix - each copy is a random colour). Limited pressing of 500 copies.