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Various Artists - Six Feet Under LP

Various Artists - Six Feet Under LP

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Compilation of unbelievable rockabilly, country and early rock instrumentals - all obscure and hard to find and not a loser in the bunch.

A mind blower for fans of the Cramps, Lee Hazelwood, real deal rock n' roll and out there country with songs about graveyards, misery, trains, ghosts and so on.

It features Clint Blacklaw, Ramblin' Rebels, Mystery Trio, Jimmy Merrill, Johnny Fortune, Bartlett Brothers And The Country Paupers and more, but the highlight is the Johnny Waleen version of Mystery Train.


1. Six Feet Under [Bob Fryfogle]
2. Willie Joe [Mystery Trio]
3. The Lost Safari [Ramblin' Rebels]
4. Mystery Train [Johnny Waleen]
5. Still as the Night [Clint Blacklaw]
6. Dark Mood [Bartlett Brothers and the Country Paupers]
7. Kentucky Fandango [J.P. Dunn]
8. Misery [Jacky Lee]
9. He's Headin' South [Evelynn Hopper]
10. A Woman's Mind [Jimmy Merrill]
11. Ghost Train [Electro-Tones]
12. If You Love Me (I Want to Know Tonight) [Johnny Fortune]

About this product: this is pressed on standard black vinyl.