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The Lovely Eggs - Cob Dominos LP

The Lovely Eggs - Cob Dominos LP

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Described as unhinged, strange, bizarre, cuckoo and howling mad; but with a growing army of fans including Radio One's Huw Stephens and Art Brut's Eddie Argos you'd be crazy not to fall in love with their underground grunge-pop sound.

Inspired by everyday life, coupled with a fierce ethos that music should be about magic and art and feeling and fun, the Lancashire duo have more in common with writer Richard Brautigan and artist David Shrigley than they do with their musical peers.

Repressed on their own Lovely Eggs imprint.


1. Minibus
2. People are Twats
3. Panic Plants
4. Print an Imprint
5. Don't Look at Me (I Don't Like It)
6. Hey Scraggletooth
7. Fuck It
8. Muhammad Ali and All His Friends
9. Why Don't You Like Me?
10. I'm a Journalist
11. Books Ting!
12. Alphabet Song
13. Watermelons
14. Pets
15. Oregon
16. Real Good Man
17. Mexico Can't Make You Smile

About this product: this reisue is pressed on blue vinyl.