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Tudor Lodge - Tudor Lodge CD

Tudor Lodge - Tudor Lodge CD

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Tudor Lodge is an English folk music ensemble, which was formed in 1968, featuring John Stannard and Roger Strevens. The group started playing at the White Horse in Reading, England, and later made appearances at other clubs on the folk circuit. In 1969, Lyndon Green replaced Strevens and within a year, they were joined by the American singer and flautist, Ann Steuart.

This new line up of Tudor Lodge, Stannard, Green and Ann Steuart successfully gigged the South-East English folk circuit for the next two years, playing at numerous venues, including the Troubadour and Les Cousins clubs in London. This scene included artists including Ralph McTell, Al Stewart, Mike Cooper and John Martyn. Although there is no information to confirm that Tudor Lodge actually gigged with any of these major names.


1. It All Comes Back to Me
2. Would You Believe?
3. Recollection
4. Two Steps Back
5. Help Me Find Myself
6. Nobody's Listening
7. Willow Tree
8. Forest
9. I See a Man
10. The Lady's Changing Home
11. Madeline
12. Kew Gardens
13. The Good Times We Had (Bonus Track)

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