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Jackie Oates - The Joy Of Living 2LP

Jackie Oates - The Joy Of Living 2LP

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1. Rolling Home
2. Freedom Come-All-Ye
3. Spring Is Coming Soon
4. Mother/Spring Is Coming Soon Reprise
5. Virginny
6. Rosy Apple
7. The Joy of Living
8. My Shoes Are Made of Spanish
9. Unicorns
10. Nay Ivy Nay
11. Catch Me If You Can
12. Who Knows Where the Time Goes
13. Hey Ho, to the Greenwood
14. Constellations
15. Sweet Farewell
16. Con Amore La Mi Madre
17. The Bird
18. Young Ellender
19. Young Lambs to Sell
20. Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold
21. Work Life Out to Keep Life In
22. The Jute Mill Song
23. The Last Trip Home

About this product: pressed on 2x black vinyl.