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Faust/Nurse With Wound - Disconnected LP - Tangled Parrot

Faust/Nurse With Wound - Disconnected LP

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1. Lass Mich [Faust & Nurse With Wound]
2. Disconnected [Faust & Nurse With Wound]
3. Tu M'Entends? [Faust & Nurse With Wound]
4. It Will Take Time [Faust & Nurse With Wound]
5. Chemin Est Le Bon [Faust]
6. What Turns You On? [Faust]
7. The Nog-Nog Wag-Wag Thing [Nurse With Wound]
8. Fine Writin' (for Little Fishy) [Nurse With Wound]

About this product: this is the yellow/pink and orange/purple edition 2x vinyl pressing, limited to 300 copies. Was only available through customers ordering directly from Dirter Promotions.