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Doug Carn - Infant Eyes LP

Doug Carn - Infant Eyes LP

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Keyboardist Carn’s 1971 debut record for Black Jazz introduced his stylistic wrinkle of adding lyrics to jazz classics like John Coltrane’s Acknowlegement (A Love Supreme), Horace Silver’s Peace and Wayne Shorter’s title track, all sung by the gorgeous, thrilling voice of his wife Jean Carn.

A crack outfit of drummer Michael Carvin, saxophonist/flautist George Harper, trombonist Al Hall, Jr., trumpeter Bob Frazier, and bassist Henry Franklin (himself leader of two treasured Black Jazz releases) backs the couple.

A moving, beautiful listen that sounds ever more contemporary.


1. Welcome
2. Little B's Poem
3. Moon Child
4. Infant Eyes [Wayne Shorter cover]
5. Passion Dance
6. Acknowledgement [John Coltrane cover]
7. Peace [Horace Silver cover]

About this product: this reissue / remaster is pressed on black vinyl.