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Doom - Doomed From The Start LP

Doom - Doomed From The Start LP

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This LP contains their first three demo tapes recorded in 1987 and 1988, and it's the earliest and most raw recordings of the UK crust pioneers. Blending countless influences to create a furious new sound, these are the recordings started it all. 

Repressed for the first time in a decade.


1. Relief
2. Slave to Convention
3. Fear of the Future
4. A Dream to Come True
5. Exploitation
6. Beat the Boss
7. Obscenity
8. After the Bomb
9. Terminal Filth Wimpcore Killer
10. No Thought (Live "Udine" Italy, 30/3/89)
11. Life in Freedom... (Live "Udine" Italy, 30/3/89)
12. Means to an End (Live "Udine" Italy, 30/3/89)
13. Life-Lock
14. A Dream to Come True
15. Circles
16. Black Monday
17. Sold Out "Scene"
18. Bury the Debt (Not the Dead)
19. Agree to Differ
20. Diseased
21. Nazi Die
22. Police Bastard

About this product: this reissue is pressed on black vinyl, includes a double-sided 12" x 24" poster insert.