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Dominique Guiot - L'Universe De La Mer LP

Dominique Guiot - L'Universe De La Mer LP

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WRWTFWW Records is honored to announce the official reissue of super rare and fabled prog-rock/library/synth album "L’Univers De La Mer" by French composer Dominique Guiot. The full length release is sourced from original masters, available on vinyl for the first time since 1978 and housed in a 350g sleeve.

Written, composed and played by Dominique Guiot with his Mellotron, Minimoog, clavinet, organ, and guitar, "L’Univers de la Mer" draws its inspiration from deep sea exploration, oceanic creatures, and underwater kingdoms. The 12-track album navigates organically through diverse mutations of the prog-rock and synth kind, from scenic meditation pieces (Wind Surf Ballad); to medieval electronica (Une Ballade Pour Une Goélette), spacey smooth jazz (Les Deux Poissons); funked out fantasy folk (L’Univers De La Mer), or even incredible Sega Mega-CD vibes (La Danse Des Méduses) - altogether painting a fascinating world of eerie magic and subaquatic sensuality.

The sound of the album is brilliantly captured by its surreal cover art, the work of legendary artist Jacques Wyrs, whose memorable record sleeves include Klaus Schulze’s "Picture Music", Eloy’s "Floating", Ange’s "Le Cimetière Des Arlequins", and the 1974 reissue of Larry Coryell’s "Spaces".


1. Wind Surf Ballad
2. La Danse Des Méduses
3. Une Ballade Pour Une Goélette
4. Le Deux Poissons
5. Ballet Amoureux Des Dauphins
6. Les Pingouins S'Amusent
7. Destination Inconnue
8. Iceberg En Voyage
9. L’Univers De La Mer
10. Alerte En Mer
11. Les Émigrants De La Mer
12. À La Découverte D'Une Amphore

About this product: this is a reissue.