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Craven Faults - Enclosures Mini-LP

Craven Faults - Enclosures Mini-LP

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This mini-album is Craven Faults’s second vinyl release on The Leaf Label. Thirty-seven minutes of music over three epic tracks - longform analogue electronic journeys across the north of England.

These 37 minutes of music are the start of the next journey. New terrain and more refined methods of travel. Dark clouds gathering. On "Erratics and Unconformities", Craven Faults often found a calm inner space in the vistas. Here the tensions of the early EPs return, with a focus on how human ‘progress’ has impacted and shaped the landscape, how the land was divided now shapes our present and future, and retracing that journey is particularly pertinent.


1. Doubler Stones
2. Hard Level Force
3. Weets Gate

About this product: this is pressed on 12" black vinyl.