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Greentea Peng - Rising EP

Greentea Peng - Rising EP

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South London singer and songwriter Greentea Peng reissues her EP "Rising". The seven-track set followed acclaimed debut EP "Sensi" and the simmering, viral hit Downers which is included on this EP.

Featuring the blissful, Earbuds-produced lead single Mr Sun (miss da sun), that track sets the tone for a bright, bold EP which weaves a myriad of genres, all anchored by a mesmerising old-soul vocal.

On the clattering title track Rising, Peng announces "woke up today, brand new morning" over an insistent, hand-clap-supported beat, before adopting a half-spoken word flow. Elsewhere, over the densely layered hip-hop beat of Sane, she sings a low-slung, effortless hook: "come make me feel sane, baby”.

Greentea Peng is dark and light, half soul-searcher and half wise-cracker. In a constant explorative state, she is honest and frank, her inner battles channelled through the rhythms and flows of her music. Her energy beams bright whether she’s touching on darker matters or happier moments. Visually Peng is a living, breathing piece of art - effortlessly cutting the figure of a true British original.


1. Risin'
2. Inna City
3. Saturn
4. Mr. Sun (Miss da Sun)
5. Sane
6. Liberation
7. Downers

About this product: this is the Love Record Stores '21 reissue on 12" transparent red vinyl.