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The Creation - In Stereo 2LP

The Creation - In Stereo 2LP

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The Creation was formed in 1966 from beat combo The Mark Four, and was quickly signed to a production deal with Shel Talmy, The Who’s producer.

This set contains all the stereo mixes created by Alec Palao in 2016, gathered together on two LPs for the first time, including “Biff Bang Pow”, “Painter Man”, both versions of “How Does It Feel To Feel” and an instrumental version of “Making Time”. Designed by Phil Smee, the gatefold and inner sleeves feature photos and memorabilia from his collection, as well as annotation by Alan Robinson.

This exclusive compilation is pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl.


1. Making Time (Instrumental)
2. Painter Man
3. Biff Bang Pow
4. Sylvette (full length)
5. If I Stay Too Long
6. Nightmares
7. Cool Jerk
8. Like A Rolling Stone
9. Can I Join Your Band
10. Hey Joe
11. Life Is Just Beginning
12. Through My Eyes
13. How Does It Feel To Feel (UK version)
14. Tom Tom
15. How Does It Feel To Feel (US version)
16. Midway Down
17. For All That I Am
18. Instrumental # 1
19. How Does It Feel to Feel (Instrumental)