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Deafheaven - 10 Years Gone 2LP

Deafheaven - 10 Years Gone 2LP

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For the past ten years, San Francisco post-metal luminaries Deafheaven have built one of the most compelling discographies in metal, one that has challenged both the modus operandi and perceptions of the genre.

Each critically acclaimed release widened the scope of their particular views of what rock and metal can be, capped by their most innovative album to date in 2018's "Ordinary Corrupt Human Love".

It all began though, with the 2010, four-song "Demo" released to Bandcamp by the bands founding members George Clarke and Kerry McCoy. Set to embark on a world tour earlier this year to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a band and the five albums released in that span, Deafheaven had to switch gears when COVID cancelled all gatherings across the world, instead teaming with long-time producer Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden studios to bring the show they planned to perform in a studio sessions format.

"10 Years Gone" includes the first song they ever wrote in Daedalus from the first album "Demo", which also serves as the first single released from this album, along with fan favourites like Dream House and Vertigo that have an added power in this setting.


1. From the Kettle onto the Coil
2. Daedalus
3. Vertigo
4. Language Games
5. Glint
6. Baby Blue
7. The Pecan Tree
8. Dream House

About this product: this is the Indie Store Exclusive pressed on 2x yellow/green swirl vinyl, limited pressing of 1000 copies.