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David Bowie - DJ 7"

David Bowie - DJ 7"

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DJ is a song by English musician David Bowie, released on his 1979 album "Lodger", and then as a single on 29 June 1979.

A cynical comment on the cult of the DJ, the track includes an Adrian Belew's guitar solo, which was recorded in multiple takes, and then mixed back together for the album track.

In a biography of Talking Heads, it is said this song was an attempt by Bowie to sing like David Byrne, who was befriending Brian Eno at the time.

The single, an edited version, peaked at No. 29 in the UK and No. 106 on the Billboard Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart in the US.


1. D.J. (2017 Tony Visconti Mix - Single Edit)
2. Boys Keep Swinging (Kenny Everett Video Show Version)

About this product: this is the 40th anniversary 7" picture disc.