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Danielle Lewis - Dreaming In Slow Motion CD/LP

Danielle Lewis - Dreaming In Slow Motion CD/LP

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One of the leading lights of the Welsh alternative folk scene, Danielle Lewis, releases her debut album: "Dreaming In Slow Motion".

With compositions of the spectral to the serene, underpinned by her singular, saintly vocals; the album is the distillation of everything that sets Lewis on a higher plateau all of her own. From the haunting to the humbling, the songs of "Dreaming in Slow Motion" collectively offer a collage of Lewis' life as she navigated through the trials and tribulations of early adulthood.

Pulling illusory, languid melodies from the ether and pairing them with Lewis' distinctive vocal flutter, the results make for an album that cycles through phases of Julia Holter-esque ambience to songs of life-affirming, affecting folk-pop with DNA more aligned with that of Weyes Blood or The Weather Station.

Danielle Lewis emerges in 2021 as a songwriter in masterful control of her art. 10 songs of breathtaking tenderness and ethereal presence.


1. A Woman Like You
2. Dreaming in Slow Motion
3. My Youth
4. Flower
5. In My Sleep
6. Slow, Sad and Real
7. Temporary
8. Life of Worth
9. Let Me Imagine
10. Help Me

About this product: this release is available on CD and LP formats. 

The CD comes in a thin gatefold card sleeve.

The LP is pressed on 180g black vinyl.