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Current 93 - If A Star Turns Into Ashes [Edition I / Edition II] Picture Disc

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"If a Star Turns into Ashes" is the channel between "The Light is Leaving Us All" and the next album, which is released in the Summer or Autumn or Winter or who knows when!

There are two editions, both of which include the same music, with one untitled track on each side. 500 copies of the vinyl have one set of paintings by David Tibet reproduced as the images on the picture disc, and the other 500 have a different set of paintings by Tibet.

"If A Star Turns Into Ashes" is a 12” picture disc, in a clear PVC “envelope” sleeve, of which there are 1000 copies in total.


1. Untitled
2. Untitled

About this product: there are two variations, Edition I and Edition II, with different designs but with the same music.

Edition I is blue, Edition II is red.