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Creeper - American Noir CD/LP

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Creeper release the new EP "American Noir". 

The EP represents an epilogue to the narrative told in their critically acclaimed, Top 5 album "Sex, Death and The Infinite Void2 and is released almost a year to the day of the album’s first anniversary. 

"American Noir" is a requiem to the album’s central character Roe, which explores his partner Annabelle’s grief and desolation following his death. The interplay between Gould and Hannah Greenwood is more fully realised than ever before. Blending his velvet croon with her most prominent vocals to date, their duet really brings the story’s characters to life.

Greenwood’s vocals also take centre-stage on the mournful gothic romance of Ghosts Over Calvary and the funeral march elegy of the closing ballad Damned and Doomed. Elsewhere, America at Night reprises Gould’s lyrical gift for crafting poetic pop culture references and amplifies the drama with stirring strings and a searing solo, traits which resonate even more theatrically within One of Us.

The EP continues Creeper’s creative collaboration with Xandy Barry, who also produced "...Infinite Void".


1. Midnight Militia
2. Midnight
3. America at Night
4. Ghosts Over Calvary
5. The Drowning Room
6. One of Us
7. Damned and Doomed
8. Frozen Night

About this product: this is available on CD and LP formats.

The LP is pressed on black vinyl, with printed artwork on the B-side.