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The Cramps - Songs The Lord Taught Us LP

The Cramps - Songs The Lord Taught Us LP

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This is the original version of "Songs The Lord Taught Us" that The Cramps wanted released. It has been expertly remastered from one of only a handful of test pressing copies known to exist (all the original masters were destroyed in the Universal fire a few years back).

In the late 90's, a version of this was released, taken from a 2nd generation cassette recording and while welcome at the time, this edition is head and shoulders above the 'Alien Records' edition in terms of sound quality, artwork and presentation.

In addition to the amazing attention to detail on the record and the sleeve, there are 2 different replicas (screen prints on heavy gauge art paper) of the promotional posters used for the original release - one of which was recently put on Ebay for a ludicrously stupid amount of money ($5000+).


1. Drug Train
2. Garbageman
3. Rock on the Moon
4. I Was a Teenage Werewolf
5. Sunglasses After Dark
6. Strychnine
7. The Mad Daddy
8. Mystery Plane
9. Zombie Dance
10. I'm Cramped
11. What's Behind the Mask
12. Tear it Up
13. Fever
14. T.V. Set
15. Twist and Shout

About this product: this is pressed on transparent orange vinyl.