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Crack Cloud - Pain Olympics LP

Crack Cloud - Pain Olympics LP

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Like Psychic TV before them, Crack Cloud have a philosophy, and one that they are not afraid to wear on their sleeves. While their anarchic, phantasmagorical visuals, heavy use of symbology, and seemingly never-ending cast of colourful collaborators have often invited cult comparisons, this really does the collective no justice.

There is no apocalyptic death drive here; no cult of personality; no hierarchy of power. While frontman and lyricist Zach Choy is in many ways the face of  the group, the collective is one founded on equality, and in his cryptic lyrical blending of  poetics, polemics and personal experience, Choy is truly the mouthpiece of something far larger than himself. Less a cult then; more a church.

Listening to this song or watching its accompanying self-directed video is a truly spiritual experience, and in its building, jubilant movement it offers a glimpse of Crack Cloud's most vital message: using community to turn adversity into hope. This isn't just bravado, it’s a story born of deep, personal experience. Crack Cloud operate on the frontline of Canada's out-of-control opiate crisis, mobilising and organizing in Vancouver's harm reduction programmes.

 As the tagline on the album's back cover makes clear then, this is absolutely based on true shit.



1. Post Truth (Birth of a Nation)
2. Bastard Basket
3. Somethings Gotta Give
4. The Next Fix
5. Favour Your Fortune
6. Ouster Stew
7. Tunnel Vision
8. Angel Dust (Eternal Peace)

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl and presented in gatefold packaging.