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Cornershop - England Is A Garden 2LP

Cornershop - England Is A Garden 2LP

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In the latest of a series of albums that have mirrored the exceptional story of the band itself, Cornershop return with a new album "England Is A Garden" on Ample Play Records.

It is an album that strides in an upbeat fashion, to deliver a full listening experience, bringing songs of experience, empire, protest and humour, steeped in the way only Tjinder Singh would come with. Listen to a first taste of the album now, No Rock: Save In Roll, that is to say that there is not one without the other, that rock, for all its focus on death is the saviour of life.

The anvil here is music itself, and a celebration of Tjinder’s birth place - The Black Country, which also gave birth to heavy metal that has gone on to influence the world to dirty rock, whether the streets are lined with pylons or palm trees, the Black Country has allowed us to see things differently.


1. St Marie Under Canon
2. Slingshot
3. No Rock: Save in Roll
4. Everywhere That Wog Army Roam
5. King Kongs
6. Highly Amplified
7. England is a Garden
8. The Cash Money
9. Morning Ben
10. One Uncareful Lady Owner
11. The Holy Name

About this product: this is pressed on orange and pink vinyl, comes in a gatefold package.