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Brian Eno - Film Music 1976 - 2020 CD/2LP

Brian Eno - Film Music 1976 - 2020 CD/2LP

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"Film Music 1976 - 2020" is the first ever collection of music from Brian Eno’s film and TV soundtrack oeuvre.

Spanning five decades, the album features celebrated Eno compositions, lesser-known gems and seven previously unreleased tracks. He has had hundreds of pieces of his music used in films with more than twenty original scores for some of the best-known directors in the world including Michaelangelo Antonioni, Danny Boyle, Peter Jackson, and Derek Jarman.

He has also provided music for numerous television programmes and documentaries, winning a BAFTA for his soundtrack for the UK hit series "Top Boy" and also gaining a BAFTA nomination for his and his brother Roger’s score for "Mr. Wroe’s Virgins". The long-awaited "Film Music 1976 -2020" finally brings together seventeen of the most recognisable film and television compositions, and is a perfect introduction to this enormous body of work.


1. Top Boy Theme (Top Boy - Season 1)
2. Ship in a Bottle (The Lovely Bones)
3. Blood Red (Francis Bacon's Arena)
4. Under (Cool World)
5. Decline and Fall (O Nome da Morte)
6. Prophecy Theme (Dune)
7. Reasonable Question (We Are As Gods)
8. Late Evening in Jersey (Heat)
9. Beach Sequence (Beyond The Clouds)
10. You Don't Miss Your Water (Married To The Mob)
11. Deep Blue Day (Trainspotting)
12. The Sombre (Top Boy - Season 2)
13. Dover Beach (Jubilee)
14. Design as Reduction (RAMS)
15. Undersea Steps (Natural World - Hammerhead)
16. Final Sunset (Sebastaine)
17. An Ending (Ascent) (For All Mankind)